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Me in a nutshell

My name is Chengyu Qiu, 邱成宇. I am born and bred in Guangzhou, China. I am currently a PhD student at Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Australia. I am a fanatic of Calisthenic (bodyweight workout). Played basketball and soccer throughout my middle & high school & early college, I am still a fan of these ball games although I seldom play them now.

I am fond of  physical activities, hiking, cycling etc or even cooking sometimes. Movie is another thing I am into; so many have I watched that I struggle to find a fine one to enjoy from time to time.

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General info


15 November 1992


Dad: Y. Qiu 邱**

​Mom: Y. Yang 杨**


Calisthenics (bodyweight workout), basketball, football, movies, western cooking, hiking, reading Quora


Native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese, proficient user of English


Born and bred in Guangzhou, China; now in Melbourne, Australia

Relationship status

In love with CZQ

1999 - 2005

​Primary school


2005 - 2008

Middle school

Sun Yat-sen University Affiliated Middle School 


2008 - 2011

High school

The NO.6 middle school of Guangzhou


2011 - 2013

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Central South University, China 中南大学

2014 - 2015

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Monash University, Australia

2016 - 2020

PhD candidate (Structure Engineering & Composite materials)

Faculty of Engineering, Monash University, Australia

Favourite footballer

One day I will tell my grandchildren that I trained Leo Messi. With Messi you have to speak to him in small doses and listen carefully to the little that he says. Don't write about him, don't try to understand how he does it, just watch him.

— Pep Guardiola

Messi is the best. The second best is Messi injured.

— Jorge Valdano

I don't care that Ronaldo can do 6.000 sit ups, he'll never be as good as Messi.

— Steve Nash

If you can't link up well with Messi, then football is not for you.

— Xavi Hernandez

Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol. Today you need a machine gun to stop Messi.

— Hristo Stoichkov

Favourite basketball players

Active player: Kawhi Leonard

NBA world champion × 2, NBA Finals MVP × 2, DPOY × 2, NBA 1st or 2nd team of the year × 3, NBA defensive 1st or 2nd team × 5, NBA all-star team × 4

Leonard's mid-range jump shot, defence, and mental toughness easily reminds people of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant


Retired player: Tim Duncan

NBA world champion × 5, NBA Finals MVP × 3, NBA MVP × 2, NBA 1st or 2nd team of the year × 15, NBA defensive 1st or 2nd team × 15, NBA all-star team × 15

19 years career in one team San Antonio Spurs

Known for his post-up footworks, dominance at both offensive & defensive ends, leadership, consistency, and selflessness, Duncan is the best power forward of all time.

Collection of motion pictures



Below are collections of my favourite movies based on different catergories. I will add catergories of sci-fi, comedy and drama

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