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F**king Greece and France consulate

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The consulates of Greece and France in Australia are morons. I am in need of a France visa to attend the CICE 2018 conference. I rang the Greece consulate in Melbourne on 20 May to arrange an appointment and was told the earliest one available would be on 6 July. I tried the France consulate in Sydney but appointments booked out until end of July; I tried calling but couldn't get connected a whole day; I sent an email to the visa section and got the auto-reply that questions regarding visa and appointment would not be answered! Then for what reason you expect people to send to this email address! I tried again calling the Greece consulate early June, the guy amazed me by telling that next appointment is on 3 Sep.

What people say in the google review truly echos my view, "Google should develop a rating system with negative scores for the Greece and France consulate!"

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